Oxygen is essential to a pond. It supports the effective breakdown of nutrients in the water column and muck layer as well as keeping, fish, insects and microorganisms alive. Insufficient oxygen levels can lead to a pond poor pond health and contribute to:

  • algae blooms,

  • fish kills,

  • excessive weed growth, and

  • foul odours.​

Proper design is essential to the effectiveness of an aeration system. If a system poorly laid out or undersized, the desired results will not be achieved. A number of factors go into determining the right aeration system for a pond.

Bottom diffused aeration ​is the most cost effective way to deliver oxygen to your pond. A compressor delivers air to diffusers on the pond bottom. Diffusers break the air into tiny micro bubbles that expand as they rise through the water column. This action draws water up from the bottom of the pond to the surface where it is oxygenated through contact with the atmosphere. It is then drawn back to the pond bottom to replace the water that is being drawn up by the bubbles from the diffuser. This delivers oxygen rich water to all levels of a pond ensuring there is adequate oxygen to support animal life and efficient nutrient breakdown.

Off grid? No worries. We have solar aeration systems that offer numerous advantages over the traditional windmill systems.​



Dyes will give you a great looking pond. More importantly, they are formulated to block UV rays. This inhibits the growth of algae and vegetation by reducing the light available for photosynthesis. An added bonus is the dyes also protect your fish from the eyes of airborne predators like blue heron and cormorants.

We currently carry two types of aquatic dye: Soli-blue powdered dye and Brandt liquid dye.

A water soluble packet of Soli-blue will treat  1 acre foot or 325,852 gallons of water. Simply toss the appropriate number of packets of Soli-blue into your pond and your done. It is simple, easy and no mess. It comes in any colour you like, as long as it is blue.

A 946ml (quart) bottle of Brand SS aquatic dye will treat 4 acre feet of water or about 1.3M gallons. Brand SS dyes are available in the following colours:

  • Brandt Midnight Blue SS (dark blue)

  • Brandt Blue Shadow SS (glacier blue)

  • Brandt Blue Lagoon SS (blue)

  • Brandt Loch Ness SS (black)


Nutrients in pond and lake water can trigger nuisance algae growth, cause bad odours, reduce water clarity and lead to a buildup of organic sediment (muck). Bioaugmentation is the use of specifically cultured products, containing beneficial bacteria and/or enzymes, to lower these nutrient levels in pond and lake water.

Bacteria occur naturally everywhere and they are the base of the food chain. Bacteria convert nutrient material through consumption as they grow and multiply. Then, other aquatic organisms, such as insects, feed on the bacteria which in turn become food for fish, birds and other animals.

Enzymes are organic proteins that act as catalysts in specific chemical reactions. Enzymes enhance chemical reactions without being consumed in the process. Adding the right enzymes can improve the decomposition process and improve the efficiency of the beneficial bacteria in the water.


Ultrasonic technology can help you take control of algae in your pond.

It eliminates your algae problems by using an ultrasonic technology that kills existing algae and controls future growth. A submerged ultrasonic transducer is programmed to generate the precise frequency of ultrasonic waves that destroys algae’s cellular functioning and structure.


Depending on site conditions, the expected start-up cycle can show results within 2 weeks, and kill algae from subsequent blooms in 12 weeks. Following the initial cycle, it will continue to provide 24-hour algae control.


Pond Accessories

From tools to help you maintain your pond, to docks to help you enjoy your pond to features like fountains to make your pond more beautiful; we've got everything you need to turn your pond into a perfect pond for you.

Rainbow Trout

As our name suggests we got our start as a trout farm. Giving our customers great advice on developing stellar private fisheries has caused us to get really good at water management but we're even better at raising beautiful rainbow trout. 

If you've never had fish before, don't worry we'll teach you everything you need to know.


We are sold out for the 2017 season but we will have a brand new crop of  available in spring 2018. We base the number of eggs we order on the number of order we have. We don't raise many extra so if you want fish next year, order them now.

Get your pond ready for your fish


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